Meet full cycle e-commerce agency from ukraine

Store Pundit

With over 18 years of working in e-commerce and 10 years of development – custom stores, WordPress + Woocommerce, Shopify, supporting Etsy and Amazon private label products, we are happy to be of help to your business

How We Work with You

You have a burning issue with your online business where you cannot understand where to go.
We meet. We discuss whether we can provide value to you, and work, step by step, iteration over iteration…
Till you succeed, and your goals are achieved.


To boost effectiveness of our work, we use Agile methodology. We split difficult tasks to tangible small chunks and work closely with a client to achieve his goals.


Each part of the work is logged into a spreadsheet in Google Drive, so we can synchronize efforts and get rid of tasks or time spent on useless things.

Our Expertise

We have extensive experience in the following disciplines: Woocommerce ( Deep development on back end and front end, working with WordPress API, custom channels, shortcodes and plugins ), Shopify (Opening Shops from start to finish, Custom Setup, Design from theme base, Liquid development, working with API ), Etsy ( Setting shops and advanced analysis, bridge to Shopify ), Amazon ( Basic consultancy services with FBA and Amazon Handmade). And here you can see a portfolio that enlists some of our clients and projects. Link to a Portfolio.

Fast & Easy Work

We work only with clients who will most likely get good and predictable results from our cooperation.

Create Result

We prefer to work step by step, never overworking on areas where we need to discuss each piece of the process with the client. This results in advanced effectiveness of the workflow. And we work in Agile iterations.

Our Principles of Work

Here follow the guidelines for all the projects that we do, with each client. We do not work business to business, nor business to customer. We are a model crafted by Sam Ovens as People to People model (P2P).


We test our projects over multiple devices to conform to responsive standards of the modern Web.

Looking into reality

We never work for the sake of work. We always meet and discuss real problems and possible solutions to select from.

Selecting solutions

Whether we work with Shopify or Woocommerce, we research third-party apps and plugins to save on unnecessary development.


We work with server side backups and make sure all projects are safe with version control.


Each stage of the project is well documented, so we can quickly find out what can go wrong, and other people can continue with the project. Provided we have budget from a client for documentation, of course.

Updates and Versions

If your project needs revisions, we will prepare the proposals and help to fix issues, if they arise from software updates etc.


We have been working with clients from 2001. Here we will quote some of our customers of the latest couple years.

Thanks to Alex Radich ecommerce expertise I was able to find many international customers and signed up important contracts.

Dmitro Ivanenko

Founder, Hemp Made in UA

I was happy to visit Alex training back in 2017, and we realized several important projects together.

Ivan Kozak

CEO, ZK Portraits Workshop

Alex is a communicative person and highly technical guy who can complete advanced e-Commerce projects. Professional attitude and attention to detail.

Alex Goad

Small Business Coach and Best Selling Author, Core Editions