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As a co-founder of the web marketing agency Store Pundit, Ilya Guytan brings to the table a wealth of experience and a deep passion for digital marketing. Hailing from Sacramento, California, Ilya’s nearly five-year journey in the marketing field has seen him become an industry-recognized marketing professional. 

Nowadays Ilya lives and works from a picturesque Roseville, a suburb of Sacramento, California.

Born in Zaporizya, Ilya Guytan is a dynamic and passionate PPC Acquisition Specialist, Media Buyer, and Traffic Manager with a deep love for all things marketing. With nearly five years of experience under his belt, Ilya’s career in digital marketing has been a tour-de-force of continuous growth and achievements.

His journey started at Glasses House where he held a pivotal role as a Paid Search Specialist focusing on Conversion Rate Optimization. Over his four-year tenure, Ilya showcased his adeptness in full-stack marketing strategy development, campaign optimization, market research, and keyword analysis. His knack for writing compelling ad texts, alongside expertise in event tracking, remarketing, and Google tools setup was instrumental in driving the company’s sales growth.

Building on this momentum, Ilya transitioned into a new role at the Mint Agency as a PPC Acquisition Specialist. Here, he widened his experience across various ad platforms and social media. His versatility was further refined as he audited and managed Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts, set up and optimized campaigns, and researched target markets. Ilya’s rigorous approach to daily management, optimization, and reporting of paid campaigns did not go unnoticed, contributing significantly to the agency’s successful marketing endeavors.

Recognizing the need to maintain pace with the dynamic digital marketing landscape, Ilya took up a part-time role at Playlister Club. As a Paid Search Specialist, he expanded his portfolio managing Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook ads for clients. The position afforded him an opportunity to strengthen his skills in campaign performance analysis, keyword optimization, and client communication.

Most recently, Ilya has been leading the paid search efforts at Hype Auditor. His expertise in campaign planning, implementation, performance review, and optimization across Google and LinkedIn has been pivotal to the company’s success. His profound understanding of KPIs and his proactive approach in keeping abreast of industry best practices have cemented his reputation as a dependable PPC specialist.

In 2023, Ilya took his passion for marketing to a new level by co-founding Store Pundit, a marketing agency aiming to deliver results-driven solutions for clients. His rich and varied experience in the field, coupled with an undying desire to stay ahead of marketing trends, positions him as a strong leader in this new venture.

Fueling Ilya’s success in these roles are several industry-recognized certifications, including Google AdWords, Google Display Advertising, Google Analytics, and Google Shopping.

Ilya’s professional journey is a testament to his dedication, versatility, and relentless drive for excellence. These traits, coupled with his deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape, make him an influential figure in the industry. As he continues to navigate the realm of digital marketing, his goal remains the same: to deliver effective, cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and success for businesses of all sizes.

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