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As a co-founder of web marketing agency Store Pundit, Oleksandr Radich brings extensive entrepreneurial and technical expertise to his role. An accomplished author, seasoned e-commerce professional, and regional representative for Western Bid in Ukraine, Oleksandr’s multifaceted career showcases his commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and developing internet businesses.

Nowadays Oleksandr lives and works in the peaceful surrounded by forest village Bilohorodka in the suburbs of Kyiv, Ukraine, in the Bucha district. 

Born in 1974, Oleksandr Radich, based in Kyiv, Ukraine, is a seasoned entrepreneur, technologist, and e-commerce expert with a demonstrated history of developing and growing internet businesses. Presently, he is the regional representative in Ukraine for Western Bid, a large e-commerce platform for Ukrainians based in Florida, USA.

Oleksandr’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2003 with Easton Travel but international esteem came with the creation of Sanati Factory in 2015, a family brand known for its premium segment handmade, hand-painted leather notebooks. The brand, which was developed from scratch, enjoyed a global presence with over 5,000 sales and a strong following on Facebook. Through this venture, he gained extensive experience in product development, marketing strategy, and client relationship management.

In addition to running Sanati Factory, Oleksandr is renowned for his expertise in e-commerce and export management for small enterprises. As a result, he’s frequently invited as a guest speaker at various prestigious platforms like UkrPoshta Export School, E-Comex Ukraine, Westernbid Business School, and more.

An accomplished author, Oleksandr penned the popular book ‘Sell on Etsy’, aimed at empowering Ukrainian entrepreneurs. He’s also been a committed coach and consultant, offering both online and offline training sessions primarily for marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, and web marketing.

Oleksandr possesses a broad range of key skills, from leadership and entrepreneurship to a strong technical background in web technologies. He is adept at project creation and development, business relationship setting, writing, and has a strong understanding of CMS, mainly WordPress. He is also experienced in advertising on Google Ads and Facebook and has practical knowledge of webinars and online coaching sessions.

His professional timeline features a diverse array of roles and ventures. From being a Software Engineer at Rus Hotel, Kyiv, and a Web Developer in the Westgate Ukraine Software Company to being the Founder of Status Web online network of niche websites and the Easton Travel Company, each role has contributed to his multifaceted skill set.

He is a co-founder of Unicoursity and also served as the Vice-President of JCI Stars Kyiv Entrepreneurship Chamber of Ukraine in 2015. Furthermore, he was the owner of Video Studio iProFeet and the Chief Education Officer in Vocword, a startup that won the Crush Test and was an attendee of GrowthUp accelerator.

Oleksandr holds a Master’s Degree with honors – cum laude – in Economics from the Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology. His lifelong passion for learning is reflected in the various technical certifications and courses he has completed from ITVDN, Coursera, and Lynda.com.

An ardent enthusiast of writing, blogging, photography, video making, motion graphics design, and digital drawing, Oleksandr also enjoys team sports, fitness, and traveling. In his spare time, he produced an award-winning documentary, ‘Badrinath, the ancient holy dham’.

With his broad professional experience, deep technical knowledge, and an unwavering passion for entrepreneurship, Oleksandr Radich stands as a stalwart representative for Western Bid in Ukraine, bringing innovative business solutions and empowering local entrepreneurs.

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