About Us, Alex Radich (AKA Store Pundit) and Team

E-commerce consultant

I have done it all, from front-end development to server-side integrations using half a dozen languages and techniques. Now I am helping other people grow and solve technical problems with their sites on Shopify and Woocommerce. I do technical work from time to time when I feel I can do it the best possible way.

Live in Kyiv, Ukraine, with my loving family and three kids. Why Store Pundit – became I am an e-commerce (Store) expert, or ‘sage’ or Pundit (Pundit is an English word with Hindi origin – you can learn about it with Wordnik definition of Pundit by clicking here ). So let us meet!

Web Development Expertise

When I started doing web development in 1998, there were hardly any websites in hospitality industry in Ukraine where I was mostly involved. We made first booking engine for top Kyiv hotels, and got a lot of appraisal.

Full Stack Business Solutions

From running web development agency in 2001-2005 to managing incoming travel operation company in 2009, a video studio in 2010-2012, and online video education startup in 2012-2015, all of my efforts and focus were on the defining web promotion strategies for all of my companies.

In 2016-2019 I worked on e-commerce solutions for Canadian based company working on Woocommerce with online trainings. 

I started with Shopify in 2016, and became a certified Shopify Partner in 2019.


P2P Approach

I aim at long-lasting communication with my clients and partners, coming to winning solutions.

I take up responsibility and am working hard to make you feel safe and confident about the welfare of your project / Shopify or Woocommerce business.

I also enjoy creating membership sites with Woocommerce, and enjoy teaching and coaching people.

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